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Fire Safety Systems

JDP Fire, Security and Electrical are proud to be BAFE Accredited for fire safety Design, Install, Commissioning and Maintenance of fire alarm systems.

We offer a complete maintenance service with no lengthy contracts, making it simple to add or remove any task at any time with just 30 days’ notice.

To assist with your fire risk management ensuring you are compliant with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 we offer the following services.

Weekly Fire Alarm Tests – It is recommended that Fire alarm testing is carried out every week. The problem is that many businesses don’t feel confident enough to carry this out. This will also involve liaising with alarm receiving centres to ensure systems are correctly put on test and signalling is checked and confirmed.

Fire Alarm Takeover Inspections – On instruction of a new contract we carry out a full 100% takeover inspection service. By doing this we are ensuring that all none compliance issues, faults and recommendations are noted so the customer is fully aware of the system status from the start. This also satisfies BAFE (British Approvals For Fire Equipment) which your insurance company may stipulate as a requirement.

Fire Alarm Servicing – BS5839 recommends that all fire alarm systems are inspected and serviced by a competent engineer/company at least once every 6 months. We will ensure our clients never fall short of their responsibilities and we offer planned service scheduling to ensure compliance

Fire Evacuation Drills – In order to fulfil your legal obligations, and in accordance with all fire safety regulations, fire drills should be conducted at least once a year and be recorded as part of fire safety records.

Fire Alarm Monitoring – Fire alarm monitoring provides 24hour signalling to an alarm receiving centre who will then in turn contact the emergency services and/or key holders in the event of an activation.

Fire Extinguisher Testing – BS5306 recommends that all fire extinguishers in the workplace tested annually.

Sprinkler Systems Inspections and Testing – Fire sprinkler system testing needs to comply with BS9251. It recommends that sprinkler systems are tested weekly, six monthly and annually.

Dry Riser Inspections and Testing – Dry risers need to comply with BS 9990 and recommends testing at six monthly intervals.

Fire Risk Assessments – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stipulates that a Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement If you are responsible for managing a property or have a business with 5 or more employees. You need to make sure a suitably competent fire risk assessor completes a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment is a live document that should be reviewed on a regular basis, assisting you with your fire safety responsibilities.

Let JDP Fire, Security and Electrical take away the worry and ensure you are compliant not complacent for all your fire safety needs.

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