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Electrical Systems

Electrical Installations and Maintenance

Electrical systems are an integral part of any property. Our team of skilled engineers have extensive experience with a wide array of electrical installations and maintenance projects across a range of sites such as commercial, retail, residential and industrial.

If not sufficiently maintained electrical systems have the potential to cause damage to equipment, the property and also cause injury or worse. Electrical maintenance is a key part of a properties maintenance routine to ensure everyone is safe and any potential issues are found as early as possible and remedied.

JDP are proudly NICEIC Accredited for any electrical works and carry out all aspects of electrical repairs, install and testing. Our workmanship is always completed to the highest industry standards.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

An effective method of maintaining the functionality and safety of electrical systems and equipment is through electrical preventive maintenance. It entails routinely checking, testing, and maintaining electrical equipment to ensure it is operating as intended and to identify and remedy any potential issues before they become serious. This form of maintenance can serve to extend the life of equipment, reduce the chance of equipment failure and downtime, and improve the electrical system’s overall safety and efficiency.

Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

Fixed wire testing, also often referred to as periodic inspection and testing, is a process used to ensure that electrical systems are safe and are operating as intended. Most commercial, industrial, and some residential structures are required by law to undergo this kind of periodic testing. The type of building and electrical system in use will determine how frequently the testing should be carried out, but it is typically every five years.

The test will consist of a visual inspection as well as various electrical tests to check that all systems are functioning as intended. The results will be detailed in an electrical installation condition report (EICR) which will provide an overview of an electrical systems condition and identifying potential defects or hazards that will need to be addressed.

Emergency Lighting Testing

An important element of a building’s safety is emergency lighting. In the event of a power outage or other emergency, it guarantees that sufficient lighting is available for occupants to safely exit the building. To ensure that emergency lights will operate as intended in the case of an emergency, regular emergency lighting testing is required.

A visual check as well as various electrical checks will be carried out to ensure the entire system will work as intended when required and that all bulbs/lamps and fitting are in good condition and are installed and mounted correctly. The backup battery source will also be tested to ensure it functions correctly and will be able to provide power for the required duration. Emergency lighting testing should be carried out annually however it is recommended that it is done on a monthly basis.

Lightning Conductor Testing

Lightning conductors, also known as lightning rods, are a type of safety device used to protect buildings, people and electrical systems in the event of a lightning strike. In order to provide protection and prevent damage, these conductors direct lightning energy into the ground.

Lightning Conductor Testing should be performed at least every 12 months to ensure they remain compliant, are in good condition, function effectively and provide sufficient protection.

Lighting Installation and Repairs

Lighting is an essential aspect of any property, however when it comes to repairing, replacing or installing new fixtures or systems, a certain level of experience and skill are necessary. It is important that for any tasks such as these that you have an experienced professional handle any repairs or installations to ensure they are carried out properly and to ensure safety.

We are able to carry out lighting repairs to existing installations including replacing lamps and fittings that aren’t in appropriate working conditions. Fixtures and other aspects of a lighting system can be potentially hazardous if a part is improperly installed, we make sure everything is installed correctly to ensure everything is safe.

We are also able to design a new lighting installation to match your requirements and needs, we can then carry out the installation once the design has been finalised.

High Level Lighting Maintenance

High level lighting on industrial, commercial and retail premises is not only a necessity for employee and customer safety but also improves productivity and the overall appearance of the property.

From time to time high level lighting maintenance will need to be carried out, however this can be a challenging task. At JDP our engineers are IPAF/PASMA qualified and are trained to deal with all situations. With the use of specialised access equipment we are able to carry out maintenance on high level lighting to a high standard and ensure everything is safe and fit for continued use.

High Voltage Maintenance

Our team at JPD are able to carry out maintenance and repairs on high voltage systems to a very high standard . It is a legal requirement that any high voltage system is well maintained and will function as expected under normal conditions. Regular high voltage maintenance is needed to ensure these systems perform their task efficiently and are safe at all times.

Transformer Maintenance

Over time the overall health of a transformer may decline and become more prone to faults and failures which can lead to big problems. Regular transformer maintenance should be carried out to ensure the transformer will continue to function as intended and will be safe.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation and Maintenance

With electric vehicles becoming more commonplace and the planned ban on the sales of conventional fuel cars in 2030, you may wish to adopt EV charging points into your property to support employees and customers.

JDP can provide electric vehicle charging point installations to industrial, commercial and retail premises to help you support your employees and customers. We are also able to offer electric vehicle charging point maintenance to ensure any charging point on your premises continues to work efficiently and safely.

The testing of electrical systems is vitally important. Allow our experienced team here at JDP Fire, Security and Electrical to ensure everything is safe, in good condition and working effectively. We are also able to install various systems, get in touch for more information.

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