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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Birmingham

Hybrid or fully electric vehicle (EV) numbers are increasing. By 2030 the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be a thing of the past, with the UK Government aiming for zero emissions from the exhaust pipe by 2035.

At JDP, we’re fully equipped to help your business prepare for the onset of electric vehicles – many of our customers are making the switch now as they begin to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles for their fleet.

Having an onsite EV charging solution means that your teams can hit the road fully charged, without the need to find a charge point and park up waiting for the car or van to re-charge.

What’s more, if you have the space you could turn your onsite EV charging point into a revenue stream by allowing neighbouring businesses to use it for a small fee.

There are many options for businesses to choose from and JDP will be happy to have a no-obligation discussion with your Fleet Manager to discuss the benefits of having your very own on site EV charging station.

Our expert team will design and install a charging solution, bespoke to your business. Once installed, we can manage the system on your behalf if required.

Let’s get your business ready for the EV revolution on the UK’s roads.

  • Full consultation service
  • Site survey
  • Design & Installation 
  • System management
  • Ongoing system support